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"Choice" is a short film about a young woman (Jennifer Robyn Jacobs) who struggles with her identity as she enters the witness protection program. She is aided along her journey by a US Marshal (Kevin Reeverts) who sees each person he helps as a job. In the end, they each discover humanity in themselves and one another.




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Production Credits

Writer, Director, Editor, Production Designer - Sam Felman

Executive Producers - Kevin Reeverts, Sam Felman


Starring - Kevin Reeverts, Jennifer Robyn Jacobs


Director of Photography - Kevin Kisling


Camera Operators - Kevin Kisling, Sam Felman 


1st Assistant Camera - Nick Tosti 


2nd Assistant Camera - A.J. Holmes


Still Photographer - Lauren Angel-Field


Production Sound and Boom - Nicolas Sylvestre


Music Composer - Esther Abrami


Location Manager - Michelle I. Saldana McCloud 


Visual Effects - Sam Felman, Indy Gott


Production Assistant - Christopher V.V. Ryan 


Special Thanks - Jude Chacon, Orly Glatt, Melissa Bergman Levy, Kristina Oishi, Jeremy Schweon, Taylor Stephens, Tonie Zhu 


Very Special Thanks - Sandie Fender, Tony Fender, Carl Reeverts, Cathy Reeverts, Arielle Jennifer Tinero

In Memoriam - Mark Friedman

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