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Blossom Strawberry Lip Gloss (:15)

My Roles

Writer, Director, Producer, Production Designer, Editor, VFX




Branded Content


Starring Altahir Kozelchik

Directed and Edited by Sam Felman

Colorist: Michaelangelo Macias
Cinematographer: Morgan Pierre Susser
Fashion Stylist: Sara Siegel
Composer: Chris Edgar
Specialty Rigs: Ben Braunstein
BTS Photographer: Arielle Tinero-Felman
Camera Rental: Jude Chacon

Special Thanks:
Peter Paul Basler, John Bouton, Veronica Bruce, Ruth Failer, Indy Gott, Kevin Kisling, Steven Jared Mangurten, Marc Morgenstern, Kristina Oishi, Christopher V.V. Ryan, Jeremy Schweon, Jason Tinero

Very Special Thanks:
Brent Stein, Ron Tinero, Ellen Tinero, Brianne Moore, Nikki Finnin, Montana Sommese, Victoria E. Winter, and Stephanie Coats

Art Director

Ashley Jones

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