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Magic Maddy and the Chainsaw

My Roles

Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, VFX


TV Episode




Magic Middy: Noel Jason Scott
Middy's Mom: Helga Schaefer
Middy's Dad: Gary Schaefer
Screaming Man: Mark Schaefer
Magic Maddy: Veronica Von
Stagehand/Spectator 01: Jeremy Schweon
Infatuated Fan: LeLe Aynalem
Smoke Blower: Hillary Eden Kahn
Spectator 2: Marle Schaefer
Water Spitter: Leah Schaefer
Legs: Himself

Executive Producer: Mark Schaefer
Writer/Director: Sam Felman
Assistant Director: Jeremy Schweon
Director of Photography: John DeYoe
Production Design: Hillary Eden Kahn
Visual/Special Effects: Mark Schaefer

(c) 2016 Absurd TV. All rights reserved.

Art Director

Ashley Jones

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