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Sam Felman's style of directing is based on techniques learned firsthand from Emmy winning producers Dale Reynolds and Bill Citrin, along with David Fincher, Mick Curran and Joe Palese. He is an actor's director with a background in performance, art direction, and marketing. He has worked closely with Proctor and Gamble on integrated marketing, and as an art director for various international commercials. His documentary film, "Echoes of Truth: Holocaust Memorial Project 2012" is preserved in the U.S. National Archives and was awarded a California State Assembly Certificate of Recognition.

Felman wrote and directed a music video for David Hudson, Katy Perry's younger brother. It was viewed over 30,000 times on YouTube in six days and has been featured on over a dozen websites, including SPIN Magazine, PopCrush, ONTD, and Hype Alert Media. Felman holds a Bachelor of Arts in screenwriting from California State University Northridge and owns Film Ethos Production Company. He has a drive and work ethic unmatched by his colleagues and is based in Los Angeles, California.


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